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about us

MTM Project

MTM Project is a well-established innovative Italian SME specializing in Software development (web, desk and mobile) and Technical Training.
MTM Project is directly involved in the innovation and strategic development in the production districts of Information Technology, Aerospace and Railways (High Technology) with application domains of Industry 4.0 and Mechatronics, it is also ISO 9001 certified since 2010 and Silver Microsoft Partner.

In the software field, CVMSIP and HIL are our flagships:

 – CVM is the modular SaaS CRM for SMEs and Freelancers that manage Customers and Deals (acquisitions, activities, offers, bids and statistics); with HR module for Temporary and Recruiting companies, in addition, you can manage the internal and external human resources (research campaigns, CV and competences management, training, knowledge sharing, timesheets, permits).
With HIL module, the CVM enables the organization and management of training courses, updating courses and workshops.
CVM modules can be used individually and they can be purchased separately.

 – SIP is the software for maintenance management through the use of virtual reality and interactive videos. SIP allows to generate economic saving and to keep the know how.

 – HIL allows technical staff training and updating, also through the use of Virtual Reality and interactive videos. Among its advantages, there is surely the immediacy with which technology transfers to operators.

CVMSIP and HIL are direct, practical and intuitive cloud software and they are currently used by the aeronautical and automotive multinationals.

Concerning training field, as training institute accredited by the Regione Puglia, we plan and provide, for private citizens and SMEs, technical training activities, by offering courses financed by Regional and Inter-Occupational Funds and self-financed training courses, aimed at the professional growth of workers and companies.


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Business areas


Maintenance and Technical Training through Virtual Reality and ad hoc software Development


Provision of self-financed and financed Training Courses for private citizens and SMEs